"LEt TheM Play"

A Porirua PRoject

The Porirua "Let Them Play" Project is a collaborative effort on behalf of two Porirua non - for - profits, Olé Football Academy (est. 1997) and Virtuoso Strings Orchestra (est. 2013). Both organisations have proven track records of working successfully with children and families in the the Porirua community for a combined 25+ years. The "Let Them Play" Project offers free and grant subsidised long - term (3+ year) play, learning and holistic educational opportunities to Porirua based children and young people between 6 and 24 years of age.

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"Let Them Play" will directly benefit 50 - 60 Porirua families with children between 6 - 10 years of age, giving them free entry into full - time Olé Football Academy and / or Virtuoso Strings programmes, as well as, a collaborative sport and music programme, where children are offered 1 - 2 additional educational opportunities each week; including but not limited to, 1 - 2 sport contacts (football and / or futsal), as well as, 1 - 2 music lessons.

Outside of sport and music instruction, the "Let Them Play" Project provides full access to all Olé Football Academy and Virtuoso Strings facilities and resources; including but not limited to; professional staff, state - of - the - art sports turf, classroom facilities, transportation, meals, equipment, instruments, kit, gear, mentorship programmes, administrative support, academic support, affiliate facilities, client databases and community resources, etc. The additional sport and music lessons will take place in one central location, The Olé Football Academy, Porirua.


Both organisations have demonstrated a determined commitment to the Porirua child and family. The "Let Them Play" Project seeks to expand  each organisation's community reach and impact by offering full access to grassroots and elite programmes. The opportunity to enter such programmes is one of a kind and has the capacity to drastically transform the lives of individuals and families, as well as, lead to unprecedented play and educational experiences for children in the future.