Let Them Play: Play Your Heart's Tune

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When I was a child someone told me that I would amount to nothing.

That I would just live an ordinary existence.

It doesn't matter who that someone was. 

What matters is that I believed them. 

Until now... 


I've wasted so many years with that person's voice stuck in my head.

I've spent so many minutes playing that broken record over and over again. 

Until one day.... 

I woke up and decided to hit stop. 


I decided that if the mind were a disk, 

That my disk may as well play a good tune, 

And if that tune for whatever reason turned sour, 

I'd turn it off.


I wonder how many people waste their lives away, 

Listening to someone else's tune? 

So I ask of you, I beg of you, 

Play your heart's tune and no other, 


No other tune will do.

Ben SippolaComment