A Vision For Porirua: "Let Them Play"

Olé Football Academy-79.jpg

I have this vision

A team of parents – someone probably like yourself – trying to build out from the back and while doing so, their children are screaming absurdities at them.

Someone recently said to me, “there is so much noise in youth football development.”

I agree. 100%.

Definition of Noise: Any sound that interferes with one’s hearing of something or that causes distraction. Example: I couldn’t hear him over all the noise.


There is “so much noise in youth football development.”

So much racket interfering with what is actually important.


So much babel distracting us from getting to the point.


How does one cut through all the commotion?


Let Them Play.

In 2018, will you add or detract from the noise?

Will you play a part in the pandemonium?


Will you allow the kiddos to get on the pitch and just absolutely get after it?

“We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.” – Archilochos

So let them train… Let Them Play.

Ben SippolaComment