At Porirua Project we see unlimited potential in the child from Porirua. As a football academy located in "the city of two tides," this is, of course, in our best interest. 

Why not?

If we were speaking rugby, no one would bat an eye at phrases like “unlimited potential” or “world - class.” So, why is it that football - soccer - causes such a ruckus in New Zealand? 

We’ve got a few theories of our own. 

The understanding of “talent”

Do you really understand this word? What do you mean when you say “talent”? Are you talking aptitude - one’s natural tendencies - or 10,000 hours of deliberate purposeful practice? Do you believe in “god - given” ability? Or... Do you believe in environment, opportunity and that “practice makes perfect?” What does “talent” mean to you? How does your understanding of “talent” shape everything, everything, everything, you do? 

The implications of culture on football development

New Zealand is a “rugby country and culture.” Children are able to envision themselves as “All - Blacks” from day one. A realistic storyline tomorrow, because it’s been done yesterday. From Porirua to Perenara. The New Zealand family's dream. That is, until the concussions kick in. There will never be a “World - Class” footballer produced from Porirua. We beg to differ.

Tall Poppy Syndrome

Enough Said...

Could New Zealand be a “football country?”

We believe so. Absolutely. Without a doubt. With the “correct” set of environmental condition in place, of course. In football terms “unlimited potential.... “World - Class” footballers can be developed Straight Outta’ Porirua. Why not? Remember, Ryan Thomas came from a place called Te Puke. Yuck! 

Can you explain that?

We can. We’ll save that for another post though. In the meantime, check out some other Porirua Projects. “World - Class” Footballers Straight Outta’ Porirua. We like the sound of that. It would make a nice t-shirt. 

In the words of Bob Dylan, “the times they are a changin’.” Perhaps the best folk singer ever, Straight Outta' Northern Minnesota's Backwoods. Explain that?

It became clear to me that the tour players were not differentiating themselves from each other. In fact, they were growing Toward one another. Human beings tend to become the norm that they are exposed to. This is the astonishing power of environment. You become your surroundings!
— Kapil Gupta (Atmamun) 
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