The porirua project


WHY Porirua, New Zealand?

As of 2016, approximately 40% of Porirua was under the age of 25. With 20% of the total population identifying as Maori (14% NZ) and 25% as Pacific (7% NZ), this makes Porirua one of the most youthful and ethnically diverse places in New Zealand.

Both of our organisations have been working within the community for a number of year’s, and are passionate about how loving and beautiful this community is. Our goal is to give more opportunities to the children of this community. We want to bring smile’s to our communities children, we want to teach them that the sky is the limit, and most importantly we want them to play.



 What Happens while the kids are with us?

The children are to arrive at Freedom Church, Porirua, from 3 pm - 3.30pm, to be signed in at the front desk, with our lovely Nina.
A highly nutritious afternoon tea is served to all the kids at 3.30pm, the kids sit in table groups, and get to know each other while they eat.

At 3.50, the kids are put into their groups, half will stay at the church with Virtuoso Strings to learn stringed instruments with our fantastic tutors, and the other will be safely escorted to a nearby field, to play various football related games with our talented Olé coaches.

At 5.30 dinner is served, everyone regroups, and the kids, tutors, and coaches, eat a nutritious meal together.

Children with big smiles and full bellies are then collected and signed out by parents, ready to return the next day/week for the other activity, (football or orchestra).






Porirua’s "Let Them Play" Project is a collaborative effort on behalf of two Porirua non - for - profits, Olé Football Academy (est. 1997) and Virtuoso Strings Orchestra (est. 2013) to make a lasting impact in the lives of Porirua, New Zealand based children and families.

Both organisations have proven track records of working successfully with children and families in the Porirua community for a combined 25+ years. The "Let Them Play" Project offers free and grant subsidised long term (3+ year) play.


Outside of the 2 day a week program, Porirua Project provides full access to all Olé Football Academy and Virtuoso String's facilities and resources; including but not limited to; professional staff, state - of - the - art sports turf, classroom facilities, transportation, food and meals, equipment, instruments, kit, gear, mentorship programmes, administrative support, academic support, affiliate facilities, and community resources, etc.


Both organisations have demonstrated a determined commitment to the Porirua child and family. The "Let Them Play" Project seeks to expand each organisation's impact and community reach by offering full access to introductory grassroots and elite sport / music programmes. The opportunity to enter such programmes is one of a kind and has the capacity to drastically transform the lives of individuals and families, as well as lead to unprecedented play and educational experiences for children in the future.