We've got a huge vision for Porirua, New Zealand.

We have seen first hand what the Porirua community and it's children are capable of when a small group of like minded people come together in the name of fostering environments that allow children the opportunity to fulfill their potentials. 

The "Let Them Play" Campaign is intended to raise funds in order to secure / construct an administrative and operations hub in central Porirua. This "Hub" will bring the Porirua community together in the name of it's non - for - profit's set on giving children opportunities to engage in art, music, sport or other play / recreational mediums. We are searching for people with a shared vision and passion for Porirua that would like to commit to the cause. 

For more information regarding making a donation or general queries around the Porirua Project please send an email to: poriruaproject@gmail.com