The impact of play is often underestimated when it comes to a child's holistic growth, development, health and overall wellbeing. We have seen first hand what happens when children are provided an environment (E) that allows them the opportunity (O) to fulfill their potentials (P).

Simply put, every child deserves the opportunity to become the best he or she is capable of becoming. Research shows that human cognitive development is relatively similar in all communities around the globe between 0 - 6 years of age. It is when children begin formal schooling and opportunities for play are reduced, that a child’s development either flounders or flourishes. In such instances, a family's socioeconomic status largely determines the learning environment it is able to offer its' child / children.

Today, opportunities for play are limited for many New Zealand children. It is our mission to ensure that all children have access to quality environments based around art, music, sport, recreation and other play mediums.