Who is olé

Olé is a not for profit charitable trust developing the New Zealand Footballer The Olé Way. Established in 1997, Olé football Academy has been working on a ‘no barriers to entry’ football approach. Olé has trained a mass amount of players, many of whom have played at the top level of football in New Zealand, and gone on to play all around the world.

 Who is Virtuoso Strings

Virtuoso Strings is a comprehensive, holistic, free music scheme, including a community orchestra, based in Cannons Creek Porirua.

They believe that music education has far-reaching impacts, and should be accessible for all. Virtuoso Strings aim to ensure that every student is catered to, no matter how diverse their needs. Through providing music tuition and opportunities to engage cooperatively as an orchestra, they equip their students with real skills for life. Virtuoso strings delight in watching younger members of the orchestra grow into dependable, determined, community-minded, self-assured and hard-working teenagers with bright futures.