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Porirua Project

Providing Opportunities. Investing In Environments. Fulfilling Potentials.

Empowering The Next Generation Of New Zealand's Children.

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Why Porirua, New Zealand? 

As of 2016 approximately 40% of Porirua was under the age of 25. With 20% of the total population identifying as Maori (14% NZ) and 25% as Pacific (7% NZ), this makes Porirua one of the most youthful and ethnically diverse places in NZ. In addition, Porirua has one of NZ's highest percentages of single parent families (23%) and large households (4 persons or more). 52% of households receive benefit. 26% of people have no qualifications. Most houses lack modern heating with more than 55% of young people unable to afford heating their home in winter. 25% of young people report a home with damp or mould. Young people are at an increased risk of crime and safety issues revolving around alcohol, drugs, theft and damage. Declared a "food desert" in 2011, children receive limited access to healthy foods, fruits and vegetables. Each day, hundreds of children attend "low - decile" Porirua schools without breakfast or lunch. (Source: Social and Cultural Context - Porirua East) 


OpportunitIes + Environments




The Project, Your Opportunity

Porirua Projectâ„¢ seeks out organisations doing great work in the Porirua - Wellington region. Ultimately, it is our goal to empower the next generation of Porirua's children by supporting organisations that provide opportunities and environments for young people to flourish and fulfill their potential through sport, art or play. Join Porirua Project today by donating or by filling out an application form for funding.